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Download stuck at 0% in Windows 10 insider preview 15019 [FIX]

Download stuck at 0% in Windows 10 insider preview 15019 ..

If you feel you are stuck at 0 % or 99 % or any other percentages, then here are some work around's

that may help you...

First, Method One...

1) Open your task manager

2) Click on Network tab

3) Check whether some process is accessing your data ( You will see increase in percentage, then the usual 0%)...

4) If there is something, that is consuming your bandwidth like Delivery optimatization service or Windows update service, then be patient...

It's just a bug that was spotted in this build 15019 too..

Microsoft hadn't fixed the bug that was responsible to shows 0 % on the download progress indicator
yet, So wait for some time, your PC will automatically notify when it finished downloading...

Solution 2 :

If you seen nothing changes in the network tab, then your download was yet to take place or your pc

was not downloading the content.., so you need to do something for your PC to download the


1) Open powershell

2) Type the following

Restart-Service DoSvc

3) Hit enter


On command prompt run gpupdate/force

And try again..

It will work....

Solution 3 :

Go to Settings -> Update and security -> And click on stop receiving insider builds ->

Confirm your changes -> Restart your PC...

Now, again go back to the Windows Insider program page (you seen on previous step) and click Join Insider program -> Restart your PC and recheck the windows update...

It will work now...

If everything fails, download the ISO image manually and install it...

Updated on JAN 28, 2017..

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