Windows 10 Creators Update version number will be 1704 as it prepares for April release..

Windows 10 Creators Update is the most expected update by Windows lovers like me. Since it has a

lot of new features like New 3D paint, holographic,etc apart from improved Cortana,EDGE browser,

and a new Green screen of Death, the update which Microsoft announced as Early 2017 in their

conference (where they introduced Surface Studio), we have reports that this update will be released

on April 2017. So the version number would be version 1704 .

If it was released earlier, then the build version number would change either to 1703 or 1705.

If you are curious of how i said, then  check this post on how to find the version number of upcoming Windows .

I had calculated the upcoming build number based on the above trick.. It's worth to find the latest

windows edition version ourselves then waiting for others to reveal it.

Learn how to find the version of Upcoming windows version, so that you can find yourself.

Thanks for reading.