Error 0xC1900401 and "build not yet available" in Windows 10 Insider preview 15019 [Solved]

While trying to update to windows 10 insider preview 15019 on my friend's PC, i got an

error  0xC1900401 and after when we checked back again we got "build not yet available" error.

We don't know why such an error occurred, we are just clueless, because we have already  performed

all the things that are essential for receiving but still got the error...

Later, we found it was because of a Microsoft error...

So, if you are facing such an error, then be patient because Microsoft had some issue on their

publishing pipeline and are working on to fix it..

This issue was particularly seen on x86 bit Windows users, so if you are using x64 bit then you won't

receive the error as it was discovered only for x86 bit users..

So, presently what x86 bit users can do as a work around is to just keep checking windows updates,

they don't need to do any manual efforts, as the problem is on their side...

Just keep checking Occasionally, you will get your update soon based on your country/region...

Keep going..
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