Game mode keyboard Shortcuts that will work on Windows 10 Creators Update

We people all know that there will be a new feature called game mode in windows 10 Creators

update for providing smooth performance while we play games.. Windows 10 creators update have 

this separate field option inside the Settings App. but we can't visit every now and then to use game

mode right ? So Microsoft had included some keyboard shortcuts for gamers, which i like to share it


So, if you are searching for such things, then i hope this post will be helpful for you too..

OK, let's see some keyboard shortcuts that will work on your game mode...

To Open Game bar -  Windows (logo) + G Keys

To Record - Windows + Alt + G Keys

To start or stop recording - Windows + Alt + R Keys.

Show Recording timer - Windows + Alt + T Keys

Microphone on or off - Windows + Alt + M Keys..

To pause or start broadcast - Windows + Alt + B Keys

To show Camera in broadcast - Windows + Alt + W Keys

This are the shortcut keys i know, if you know any other keys, then you can add it on comments if

you wish..

Hope it is helpful.

Updated on JAN 26, 2017

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