Power button missing on Windows 10 Login screen [Solved]

Power button missing on Windows 10 Login screen [Solved]

Power button missing on windows 10 sign-in screen.

Today, after resetting my PC i found the power button was missing from Sign-in screen aka login

screen in my windows 10. I decided to check for an work around but that went to no avail. Later,

after some time, i checked our blog posts, and found a helping alternative post, using that i had

restored or fixed my missing power button on login screen of windows 10.

So, if you are searching for a way to fix it, then do the following registry tweak...

Don't worry about people saying hey don't touch the registries they will affect your PC, yes they are

right but your PC will be affected only when you edited the wrong registry not the right one.

Also, we need to do this task because we need to fix windows 10 login screen missing power button

icon error...

Don't panic and just follow the steps carefully..

Its a good practice, to back up registry, before editing to restore when we did the task wrongly, so i

recommend you to first back up the registry..

[See: How to back up registry in windows 10]

1) Press Windows + R Keys on your PC.

2) Type Regedit.

[If you have difficulty in following below steps,check the above video tutorial that is similar to our task.,follow the same steps till you reach Step 5]

3) Hit enter.

4) Navigate to the following Registry Key..


5) When you on the right area,you can see shutdownwithoutlogon  text (DWORD) on your right Pane.

Double click or single click on that item,when you clicked it will show the value data as 0,Click on it and change that to 1 from 0.

6) Press Enter.

Note: If there is no such DWORD exists,then you need to create one..

1) Right Click on the empty area of right Pane and select DWORD(32_bit) ( Select DWORD,even though you are using 64 bit version of Windows 10]

2) Type shutdownwithoutlogon and set its value to 1.

Now,visit your lock Screen again,you can find there is your power button back.

That's it..

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