Remove touchpad icon from taskbar of windows 10 - How to hide touch pad icon from taskbar in windows 10

Remove touchpad icon appearing on taskbar of windows 10..

Whether you want to hide touchpad icon displaying on your taskbar or you are searching for a way

to remove dell touchpad icon from system tray, here is a way that worked for me...

It works for all laptops, not only dell laptops, which means, you can use it on ASUS, Hp, msi or

some other company laptops..

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Do you any software ?

No, we don't require any software to do this task...All we need is just a pc running Windows 10

Operating System.

How to do it...?

Just follow the steps below...

How to hide touchpad icon from taskbar of windows 10

1) Press Windows Key

2) Type Mouse

3) Select the top most result "Mouse" control panel

4) Clicking on it will open "Mouse Properties" Select Device settings tab

5) when you clicked you can see " Profiles", " Disable" and "Settings" tab.

Below that, there will be option ( Option button) called " Remove icon from taskbar "

6) Check the dot or select the option

Remove touchpad icon from taskbar of windows 10

7) Click on Apply

8) Select OK and Close the window..

That's it..


Updated on JAN 27,2017

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