Windows Insider 15014 preview download stuck at 0% and 32% [fixed][Solution]

Microsoft had released Windows Insider preview 15014 for fast ring today, it have lot of issues,

though it's quite common when we take a pledge to test Insider previews, this build have a new issue

apart from the regular Ones.

Some of our friends, had said Microsoft Windows 10 insider preview 15014 s not downloading and

their download stuck at 0%.

If you face such error, then my advice would be do nothing..! You may ask .

What ? are you joking bro ?, No i'm not joking, just do it.. Because this is the issue !

Microsoft officially said, Windows 10 Insiders will face this error when upgrading to 15014 build

Operating System.

They said, the download progress indicator that shows in Settings -> Update and Security is now

broken. It may look like you are getting stuck at 0% or at other percentages,Ignore the indicator and

be patient..

Windows Insider 15014 preview download stuck at 0% and 32% fixed

So, this means your PC is downloading the upgrade, but it won't indicate in download progress


So, don't worry when you feel stuck at 0% while upgrading to windows insider preview 15014.

If you still stuck for a day long, then my advice would be the one, that i advised you to follow for windows insider preview 15007[link] or

1) Open Powershell

2) Type the following

Restart-Service DoSvc

3) Hit enter


On command prompt run gpupdate/force

And try again..

It will work.

If not, then you can download and install ISO manually, check this link for details..

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