How to find upcoming Windows Version number [Guide] [Applies to all Windows 10 and other future builds]

In our last post, we had seen how to find the version number of Windows 10 you are using now, if

you read yet, then check this [link]. In this post, let's see how to find upcoming version of Windows

10 or how to find windows 10 latest build.

If you are curious to know, how you can find the version number of upcoming Windows Edition's

version number, then here is an way to crack it..

How to find upcoming Windows Version number [Guide]

How to find upcoming version of Windows

1) Finding the version number of Windows is easy..

All you need to do is to find the expected release date of upcoming build.

For example :  Windows 10 Creators Update was expected to release on April 2017. Here is how to calculate its version number.

Normally, an version number will be of 4 digits.

So, our calculated version number should be of 4 digits..

OK, it's of four digits, but how can i tell the exact 4 digits..

Simple, continue reading..

The first two digits, would be the year it was going to release on..

and the last two digits would be the month it was going to release

Let's apply it our case..

The year Windows 10 Creators Update going to release is 2017, So let's take the last two digits of the year.

Which is 17

2) The expected month is April, the number that denotes april month is 04 in our calendar. note it


Finally, join those two date

17 -> Year

04 -> Month

=> 1704

If the update was released on March, then simply replace the last two digits with the appropriate value, so the final value would be 1703.

If you think, i'm lying then you can test it with your Previous build..

Windows 10 Anniversary Update was released on end of July 2016 ( but we got only on Aug 2016).

So, it is 1607

Windows 10 November update build was released on Nov 2015

so, it is 1511..

Like, this this we can find or guess the upcoming builds,

That's it..


Hope it is helpful...

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