Windows 10 insider preview 15007 - No audio, High Cpu usage in Windows 10 Insider preview 15007 build [At least fix yourself]

Windows 10 Insider preview build 15007, which was recently released for fast ring insiders have lot

of problems and issues, i had experienced many problems right from the start, though Microsoft

officially released a statement that no audio and high cpu usage and random edge Crashes while

opening Settings App are known issues in this Windows 10 insider preview 15007, we can't leave it


So, here are the ways, we can fix the problem temporarily..

Here i share two methods, one is from Microsoft and other is mine..

Microsoft Method...

1) Open C drive (Windows Installed drive)

2) Navigate to ProgramData\Microsoft\Spectrum

3) There you will find a folder named "PersistedSpatialAnchors"

4) Delete the folder...

5) Restart your PC.

Sometimes, you may see an error "File in use " while deleting Persisted SpatialAnchors on such cases, simply restart your PC and try again.

This is the Microsoft recommended method to bypass the bug, but that doesn't worked for me..

So here is share My method that fixed my problem..

1) Open powershell as admin

2) Type the following command and Hit enter

Restart-service Audiosrv

3) Hit enter...

4) Stop unnecessary services that are indicated as high usage on task manager, and also visit services exe and disable unnecessary services that are set to automatic.

Note: Be careful with system services as it cause some serious errors.

5) Restart your PC

These are the solutions worked for me..

I hope it works for you too..

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