Microsoft is ending its support for Windows 10 10240 build on March 26, 2017

Microsoft have different plans when it comes to survive its company, one of those plans are ending

support for its released update or Operating System. The company will end its support for the

released Operating System after some time like 3 years..

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But, when it comes to builds, then it would be only for 6 months.

Which means if Microsoft is going to

release the next build ( let's take it today), and after it was released then support for the previous

build will end on 6 months from now..

Windows 10 Original build was released on July 2015, it's been a year and half since Microsoft

released it.. It was succeed by the November update and Anniversary update.

This build is coming to

end on March 26,2017 because Microsoft just want's to focus on the current and upcoming builds..

So, do you need to worry ?

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You needn't because most of our systems are already in Windows 10 Anniversary update build

Operating System, which will be replaced by Windows 10 Creators Update Coming very soon.

However, if you are using Windows 10 10240 build operating system then you need to have some

extra care, because your Operating System will end on March 26,2017.

Just update your System to latest build either using windows update or install it manually.