GSOD "Storport.sys" error while upgrading to Windows 10 Insider Preview 15014

GSOD "Storport.sys" error while upgrading to Windows Insider Preview 15014..

Windows 10 Insider Preview 15014 has been released today. It has some new features with some

improvements. But,i can say issues are more than the usual ones,you may ask what kind of issue?

then i can say, the issue arises right from the start, as your Windows Update will indicate only 0% on

your download progress indicator, which means you may think windows is not downloading,so it

stuck at 0% but it's not the case, because it is an issue/bug. Even after you bypassed the issue, then

you may face with this error.

Your PC will display Green Screen of Death Storport.sys and will automatically begin its process of

roll backing to previous build.

The sad thing, is there is no Workaround currently for this issue,Microsoft is currently searching for

the solution..So, the only other option you have

is to download and install windows 10 15014 manually, Right now, i'm searching for the links on

public domains and will update ASAP.

Stay tuned for such updates..