Resident evil 7 Bio hazard Deluxe Edition is now available on Store at 19GB download size

Resident evil 7 Bio hazard the latest game released for gamers, was now available on Windows 10

Store. If you hadn't checked its system requirements, then you can check it, using the below link.

[Link : System requirements for resident evil 7 bio hazard ]

This week Microsoft had announced that, Resident evil 7 will be available on Stores, so i checked

for the details and founded out to be true  as it was now available for download.

The Resident evil 7 bio hazard was now priced at $89.99 at windows store. This game was

uploaded on JAN 24,2017.


The download size was found to be 19GB (approximately) So, even if you wish to download the

game then, you need 19GB internet bandwidth to download, as this game was now priced at $89 we

don't know how long this price will stay as it is, i think it will be rised due to success of this game..

So, grab it as soon as possible,.

Microsoft Store link

That's it...

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