Forget the leaked 15002 build ! as Microsoft Officially releases Windows 10 Insider Preview build 15002 to INSIDERS!

Forget the leaked 15002 build ! as Microsoft Officially releases Windows 10 Insider Preview build 15002 to INSIDERS!

Last week, i said, Windows 10 Creators Update Insider preview 15002 had leaked Online. Lot of

users went frustrating as it follows some strange mechanism to make it work, as the leaked files only

contain the .Wim files which needs to be replaced inside the source folder of other ISO. We are sure,

the news should have reached the ears of Microsoft team, as they are now releasing the same

Windows Insider preview 15002 build version to PC in fast ring.

What's new ?

There are lot of new features included in this 15002 build, but as usual i like to point out in a short way, so that you can understand in a short amount of time..

OK, here it is ..

The Insider preview 15002 mainly focuses on the Microsoft Edge, as there are many improvements in the EDGE browser,

The changes include Tab Preview bar. this is an new icon situated near to + sign of the tab..

When we click on this ∨ icon, then it will display the list of tabs of your browser allowing you to quickly find other tabs..

It also has another new icon which will help you to focus on the Single tab. For example : If you have lot of tabs, clicking on that icon will display only the current tab, and will hide other tabs, when you click on the icon again ( which is suitated in the top left corner) it will display it again.

Another major addition is Jumplist for Microsoft Edge..

Microsoft had introduced Jump list to the Microsoft Edge, which will help us in opening New Incognito window, New tab,etc.. by simply right clicking the EDGE icon on the taskbar.

Other Couple of things include Component UI changes and flash blocking by default ( yes ! Edge will automatically block flash by default), web payment preview,etc..

Apart from Microsoft Edge, this Windows 10 Insider Preview 15002 has more improvements...

that are based on Start and Shell Improvements ( We can Tile Folders in Start from now)

New Share UI, OneNote's capture a region of your Screen, the same Windows + Shift + S key

combination will work from now on) , high dpi support, Faster VPN access, Lunar calendar for

Chinese versions, apart from some improvements in Cortana,Notification area and Narrator.. It also

has some other options introduced/changed like Surface dial (for developers) ,Themes option switched to Settings App ( Yes !

Image Credit : Microsoft

they did as said earlier, now you can change themes from settings App),Metered Connections for

Ethernet ( Now you can see Ethernet as Metered like WiFi and Cellular  Connections)etc...

Earlier i said, Green screen of Death would be the new bug page which may replace the classic bsod

( blue screen of Death (bug page) but MS said Windows 10 Creators Update will continue to have

the BSOD and not GSOD, we can expect the battery life Experiments in the Windows 10 Creators

update as this Preview has an option to experiment with Power( you will see throttled status on the

details tab of task manager near to the application)

There are some other additional changes that they are currently trying to rectify like Hey Cortana, Play <Song name> on <AppName> ,Couldn't turn on camera on lock screen,etc..

That's it for Now..😉😊😉