Touchpad icon missing on taskbar of Windows 10 - touchpad icon disappeared from taskbar [SOLVED]

touchpad icon missing on Windows 10...

While many of the users are searching a way to get rid of touch pad icon, some of the users are

searching a way to fix missing touchpad icon of their ASUS and dell latitude / inspiron PC's...

So, if you are too searching for a way to get back missing touchpad icon on system tray of windows

10, then i hope this guide is helpful for you...

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Do you need to any software ?

No, just follow the upcoming steps...

How to fix touchpad icon has disappeared tasbar error in 

Windows 10...

1) Press Windows Key

2) Type Mouse

3) Select the top most result "Mouse" control panel

4) Clicking on it will open "Mouse Properties" Select Device settings tab

5) when you clicked you can see " Profiles", " Disable" and "Settings" tab.

6) Below that, there will be option ( Option button) called " Static tray icon in taskbar "

In the above screenshot, Remove tray icon from taskbar option is checked, you need to change that, 

simply click on the second option "Static tray icon in taskbar" and

8) Click Apply -> OK

9) Close the window.

That's it..

Now, your PC will display the touchpad icon on your taskbar immediately, if not then do a simple 

restart of your PC..