Windows Live Essentials support ends ! - Here is how you can download Windows live essentials after Jan 10,2017

Windows essentials is the program to go for if you are a lover of editing, posting,etc stuffs. 

because it is a program that has an inbuilt movie maker, windows live writer, windows live 

mail,and even Onedrive..

If you do such tasks, then probably you may had heard about this windows live essentials 

so i think you probably doesn't need much intro..

The sad news is Microsoft Officially removed end support for this program, which means 

you will no longer get the updates for this product again.

What happens for windows essentials after Jan 10,2017 ? 

If you have already installed Windows live essential suite then you don't need to worry, 

because it will still work , but you won't get any update (even if it was security update) for 

Windows essentials from now on. All you can do is simply enjoy the feature.

So, what for others ?

Microsoft, removed the links to download the Windows live essentials 2012 for 64 bit and 

windows live essentials 2012 for 32 bit Versions from their windows essentials support 

page, so we can't download the files from there..

So, sad.. OK what i should i do now to get windows live essentials for windows 10 ?

Whether, you have 32 bit version or 64 bit version of windows 10 or windows 8 or 

windows 7 

Windows Live Essentials support ends ! - Here is how you can get the Windows live essentials after jan 10,2017

you can still download windows essentials for Windows 10.

I have collected some direct offline links from the internet...So if you need you can 

download windows essentials offline setup from any of this links..

These links are all working, as of Jan 13,2017.

All the above links are dead, here is the latest link for archive

I don't know how long those official direct links will work, so download it As soon as 



Updated on April 12,2017