All Browsers freezing, crashing after Windows 10 JAN, 2017 update [FIXED]

Today, after my Windows 10 PC installed its so called update, everything was fine at one point, i

decided to check for its change log as i found nothing new, on this update.. In the change log to it has

no greater improvements. But bad things started happening one after another all my browsers

became unresponsive for some time..

Initially, i thought it was because of some process running on my PC causing it to freeze..But, later i

found there is no such amount of process running on my machine to crash my browsers.

All my browsers Opera Neon, firefox, Microsoft Edge and Particularly Chrome started freezing.

When i checked task manager it was fine, i thought some misconfiguration or error may had

appeared so i uninstalled google chrome and tested again, but i seen the same issue on other

browsers too..At last, i found the update was culprit...

So, if you had faced such an error, then here is a solution that worked for me...

1) Press Windows (logo) key on your keyboard

2) Type view installed updates

3) select the top most result

It will now open Installed updates window on the control panel.


1) Open settings

[helpful link : How to open settings using different methods in Windows 10

2) Click on Update & Security

3) It will open the new window, select Windows Update on left pane..

4) Now, on your right pane, you can find many options, select Update History

5) It will open a new window, Select Uninstall Updates

 There, you can find the list of updates installed click on the most recent update and select uninstall.

6) Restart your PC.

This is the fix worked for me..

i hope it works for you too..

Update on 25/01/2017 ...: 

This seems to be known issue, so run windows update on your PC it will fix the issue..