Firefox 51 download links are here - Grab the latest !

Firefox 51 download links are here - Grab the latest !

Firefox the browser from Moz://a has got some new changes in its update 51, Firefox 51.

It's a open source powerful browser, so you can use it for free..

Some, of the things that were changed in this version 51 are...

1) A new zoom level indicator..

You can see the zoom level indicator on the address bar next to the web address tab.

2) The battery indicator inside it was removed. This was not completely removed but it won't be available for sites as this feature can be used to track your browsing activity, so it will prevent fingerprints.

3) Flac support [ It will now play FLAC files directly on your browser with out any extensions]

4) If you are visiting insecure pages( like the one that doesn't begin with https), then it will now begin to popup saying that, this page is insecure...

5) And a new show password field.

Firefox introduced this feature to show the password of your's while you clicked that to save..

OK, those are the improvements i had seen.., it may consists of other improvements i hadn't seen yet..

i will update when i discovered it..

OK, let's come to the main post..

Firefox 51 download links are here - Grab the latest !

If you are already using Firefox then, simply open firefox, 

Press Alt Key on your keyboard

Select Help and click about firefox.

This will update your Firefox to the latest version..

On, the other hand, if you don't have firefox yet.. then here are the direct download links..

Here, i had provided only the direct links for the languages US, UK

 if you need other editions, then follow the steps below..

1) First visit the below link..

2) Scroll down and select your language.. For example : English

There are many download buttons like Windows and Windows 64 right?

If you are confused, first make sure whether you are using 64 bit or 32 bit edition of Windows 

3) Click on the respective download button 

That's it..

It will begin to download..


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