Enable Automatic Maintenance in Windows 10

Hi ,Welcome to Our Blog.Today's tutorial will Help You to tune your PC as it will Make Windows to

Perform Maintenance tasks automatically.We Can Make Windows to Perform Automatic

Maintanence Tasks

By Using Security & Maintenance (Which is Known As Action Center in Previous Editions of


Why is this Important??

This Setting Will Make Windows to run Maintenance tasks like Windows Update,Defragmenting

Your Hard disk for Faster Performance,etc in a Particular time,even if you are not aware of such

things taking Place in Your PC.

How to Make it????

Just Follow the Steps Below to Activate Automatic Maintenance for Your Windows 10 PC.

Step 1 : Login to Your Windows 10 PC.

Step 2 : Open Control Panel.

[See : How to Open Control Panel Easily]

Step 3 : Click on Review Your Computer Status Under Security & Maintenance.

Enable Automatic Maintenance in Windows 10

Step 4 : Click on Maintenance on the Right Pane.

Step 5 : Click On Change Maintenance Settings.

Step 6 : Select Maintenance timing According to Your Wish.

Enable Automatic Maintenance in Windows 10

Step 7 : Click On OK.

Step 8 : Close the Window.

Automatic Maintenance Will takes place daily at that Scheduled time.

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