Show or Hide desktop icons in Windows 10

Show or Hide desktop icons in Windows 10

Hi Friend,Welcome to Our Blog.As We Are Exploring Windows 10 Everyday here is an 

Another tweak.Though Some of them knows it Already,Here is an Trick to show or hide 

desktop icons in Windows 10.

What is desktop ???

Desktop is the One Which We See When We login to Our windows 10 PC.We Can Use this 

desktop for quick Navigating to Our Favorites by Icons,Example:Control Panel,My 

Computer,etc..if We Wish We Can Show or hide this desktop Icons When We need/don't 


How to Show or Hide ???

Step 1 : Login to Your Windows 10 PC.

Step 2 : Right Click on Empty Area of the Desktop.

Show or Hide desktop icons in Windows 10

To hide desktop Icons

  • Follow Steps 1 ,2.

  • Click on View.

  • Uncheck Show desktop icons.

To Reshow Desktop Icons :

  • Follow Steps 1,2.

  • Click on View.

  • Check Show Desktop Icons.

Additional tips:

1. You can Make Icons Huge or tiny.For that Make Your Mouse on empty Area of 

desktop Scroll down/up the Mouse(You Can Hold Ctrl Key While Performing this too!!!).

2.All desktop icons Are located at shell:Desktop.

That's it...