Access CMD at boot in Windows

Hi Friend,Welcome to Our Blog.Command Prompt or Popularly known as CMD Will Help in Many

Cases. Here is an tutorial For Accessing Command Prompt While Booting into Windows 10.

What is CMD???

Command Prompt is an Entity Which Controls Our Windows System through Set of Commands We

Can Use Cmd for Forcing/Making Windows to Work Our Commands,There are Variety of

Commands available in Windows,But in order to  Run that Commands You Need to First Open

Command Prompt.So For that Purpose this tutorial had been Created.

How to Open CMD at Boot???

We Can Access Command Prompt at boot through two Methods,they are

Method 1 : Through live Windows booted device.

Method 2 : Through Windows Advanced Startup Options

Both of the Steps Seems to be Similar,So Follow the Upcoming Steps,

"You Can Also Access CMD in Safe mode by holding Shift Key and Selecting restart While on 

Login Screen and proceed to Troubleshoot-> Advanced-> CMD"

Method 1 : Through Windows bootable disk.

Step 1 : Plugin Your Boot device.

Step 2 : When Windows Setup loads,Simply Select your language and Click on Next.

Step 3 : While  Install now Option Window was displayed,Click on Repair Your Computer.

Step 4 : Click on Command Prompt on the Window that Opens..

Method 2 :

You Can Access the Following Setting through a Simple Shortcut[Check this!!]

Step 1 : Login to Your Windows 10 PC.

Step 2 :Click on Settings.

Step 3 :Click on Update &Security on the Window that Opens.

Step 4 :Select Recovery Which Will be on the left Pane.

Step 5 :Click on Restart Now under the Advanced start Options.

Access CMD at boot in Windows

Your PC Will restart.

Step 6 : Click on Troubleshoot Option.

Step 7 : Click on tap on Advanced Options.

Step 8 : It Will Open a new Window With Some Useful Applications used for recovery.

Step 9 : Click on Command Prompt.

Note : In Some Cases,When You boot into Advanced Startup Options,Windows Will Ask us to 

Enter Password.If You Meet With that,Select Your Account and type your Password.

That's it....