Synchronize time in Windows 10

Hello,Welcome to Our Blog,Time Serves us an Important Part in Our Life,Whether it is in PC or day

to day Activities,the Usage of it's Purpose is Undeniable,So in This tutorial lets see how to turn on

Automatic update of time.

Why time needs to be Synchronized????

While Using Our PC,All the Things We Copied,Pasted,Saved,etc Will be denoted by time Whenever

You visit that Folder Again you Will See the time.Also time Plays an Role in Maintenance tasks and

Antivirus,browser Updates.If You get an Error like Certification error,then You Must Change the

time of Your PC.

How to do it ???

To Synchronize Your time With Internet Just Follow the Steps Below...

Step 1 : Login to Your Windows 10 PC.

Step 2 : Open Control Panel.

[See : How to Open Control Panel]

Step 3 : Click on Time,Language and Region.

Step 4 : Click on Set date And time on the Window that Opens.

Step 5 : Click on Internet time Tab and Select Change Settings.

Step 6 : Click on Update Now.

Step 7 : Click on OK.

Step 8 : Again click on Apply and OK.

Step 9 : Close the Window.

That's it...