Clear file history in Windows 10

Hi Friend,In this tutorial lets see how to Clear file History in Windows 10.

What is File History ???

File History is an Option Used in Windows Where Our Recent File history is Stored. 

Windows Saves the Recent history of files and Command We Used or We Opened. This 

Process is Useful if We need to Quickly access the File that We Opened last.But it May 

Also Serve as a Privacy Concern,So in this tutorial lets See how to Clear recently Opened 

File history in Windows 10.

Clear file history in Windows 10

How to Clear it ???

If You Wish to Clear File History in Windows then just Follow the Steps below in Your 

Windows PC.

Step 1 : Login to Your Windows 10 PC(Which is the Primitive Step !!) 

Step 2 : Press Windows + E or Open This PC

[See : How to Create Shortcut for My computer(This PC) in Windows 10]

Step 3 : Click on File tab,Which is on top of the tab.

Step 4 : Select Change Folder and Search Options / Options.

Step 5 : A new Window Will open,On that Find Privacy Option.

Step 6 : Under Privacy option,Click on Clear.

Clear file history in Windows 10

Step 7 : If needed Close the Window.

That's it...

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