How to Cleanup System files in Windows 10

How to Cleanup System files in Windows 10

Hi friend,Welcome to Our Blog.In this Tutorial lets see how to Clean up Unnecessary 

System Files in Your Windows 10 PC.

Why Need to Cleanup ???

Cleaning Up temporary files Will Make Our PC run faster and Safer. Normally System Uses 

Some Files to Store For Faster Opening Files,System Restore and Other Temp files,which 

May Consumes Our PC Storage Space. So It is Our Duty to Clean the System Files and 

Other files as Soon as they get filled.

Got it???,Then Continue reading...

How to Clean up ???

Though For Cleaning Up this Files there Are Plenty of Software Which Were both Freeware 

and Commercial for Simplifing this tasks As Assured We Are going to do this Option 

through our Windows's built in Functions.To Cleanup those files Follow the Steps as it is In 

Your Windows 10 PC.

Step 1 : Login to Your Windows 10 PC.

Step 2 : Press Windows + R Key.

Step 3 : It Will Open Run Command type Cleanmgr on the Box.

Step 4 : Hit Enter.

Step 5 : It Will Open a Window Asking You to Select Your drive for Cleanup.

Step 6 : Select Your drive,Example: C

Step 7 : Click/tap OK.

Step 8 : It Will display as it is Calculating drive Spaces.

Step 9 : Wait,till its Analysis Completes or till it Opens the Next Window.

Step 10 : Check  All.

Step 11 : Click on Cleanup System Files.

Step 12 : It Will Again Open the Same Window,Again Click on C.

Step 13 : Follow Step 9.

Step 14 : Now Click on More Options tab.

Step 15 : Under System Restore Option Click on Clean up.

Step 16 : It Will Ask Your Permission to delete System Restore files,Click on delete.

How to Cleanup System files in Windows 10

Step 17 : Now Switch to the Previous tab and Select OK.

When it Finishes,it Will Automatically Close its Window,if Not Close the Window.

How to Cleanup System files in Windows 10

Note : If Your System doesn't run Well,System restore Files Will Help Your PC to get 

back to the previous state where it Worked Well,to turn on System restore [See this].

That's it..