Enable/disable Old clock in Windows 10

Windows 10 had a really good user interface and it Can be realized While Using it,is Certain. One of

the New thing is its Clock And Calendar. It is Pretty Styler than its Predecessors. But Some Users

Seems doesn't like this new Clock,For those Who don't like this new Clock May Change it to

old Version,here is an tutorial for Changing it.

Get back Old Clock,Calendar in Windows 10

How to Change????

If You Wish to Change Clock and Calendar like its Predecessors,then Follow the Steps below....

Step 1 : Login to Your Windows 10 PC.

Step 2 : Press Windows + R Key.

Step 3 : Type regedit

Step 4 : Click\tap enter.

Step 5 : It Will Open Registry editor,on that Navigate to following.




ii) On that Click on SOFTWARE.

iii) Again, find and Click on Microsoft.

iv) Click on Windows,CurrentVersion.

v) Find and Click on Immersive Shell.

Step 6 : Right Click on Empty area of right Pane.

Step 7 : Select New->DWORD

Step 8 : Name it as UseWin32TrayClockExperience.

Step 9 : Click on the newly Created DWORD and Enter Value Data  as follows.

Get back old Clock,Calendar in Windows 10

To enable Old Clock :

Set 1.

To disable Old Clock:

Set 0.

Step 9 : Close the Window.

Step 10 : Click on the Clock Field to note Changes.

That's it...

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