Change time in Windows 10

Hi Friend,Welcome to Our Blog. Here is an Tutorial for Changing time in Windows 10.

Why You need to Change ???

Time is One of the Precious thing in our Life.Your System time is Used to Save things like

files,settings,etc Which means When you Save an file the time Runs on that system Will be taken

into account,just like our life!!! So to change time follow the Steps Below.

Step 1 : Press Windows + x Key.

Step 2 : Click on Command Prompt(admin)

Step 3 : If Prompted by UAC(User account Control) click Yes.

[See : How to Turn OFF UAC Notifications]

Step 4 : Type time (Your Time in 24hrs):(Minutes)

Step 5 : Close the Window.

Alternative Method...

Step 1 : Open Settings.

[Click to See : How to Open Settings Easily]

Step 2 : Click on Time & Language.

Step 3 : Select Your Time.

Step 4 : Turn off set time Automatically.

Step 5 : Click on Change.

Step 6 : Change Your time.

That's it...

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