How to find Storage Capacity of Your Hard disk in Windows 10

Hi friend,hope you are good,Welcome to Our Blog.Wish to Know What is Your total Amount 

of disk Storage in Your Windows 10 PC,then Follow this tutorial.

What is My Storage Capacity ???

Storage Capacity depends on the hard disk and We can Find it Easily,All You need to do is 

My friend is to just follow the Steps below..

Step 1 : Login to Your Windows 10 PC.

Step 2 : Right Click on This PC(My Computer) icon.

[See : How to Make Windows to display My Computer icon on Your desktop]

Step 3 : Click on Manage.

Step 4 : A new Window Will Open,double Click on Storage on the Right Pane.

Step 5 : Now Again,Click on Disk Management.

Step 6 : Wait,for few Seconds until it Process and Open the new Window.

Now You Can See that Capacity of Your Hard disk Space...

Note : This Also Applies to Windows Previous Editions Windows 8,8.1,etc..

That's it...