Import bookmarks from other browsers to edge

Import bookmarks from other browsers to edge

Hello,And Welcome to Our Blog.Microsoft Edge is the New Browser Designed for Windows 

10.We Can Use this Browser for reading,Note making and lot More.Though Microsoft 

Claims it is an Brand New Browser,those Who Uses Internet Explorer May Say it is an 

Updated Version of Microsoft Internet Explorer Where We Cannot Use Some Great 

Functions of this kind.So Here is an tutorial for importing bookmarks for Microsoft Edge 

from Chrome Browser.

How to Import it??

Importing Bookmarks is an Easier Process.All You need to do is My friend to Just Follow 

the Steps Below.

Step 1 : Sign in to Windows 10 PC.

Step 2 : Open Edge Browser.

Step 3 : Click on hub icon.

Import bookmarks from other browsers to edge

Step 4 : Select Import favorites.

Step 5 : Click on the Browser You need to Import Bookmarks,Example Chrome.

Step 6 : Click On Import.

That's it...

Close the Browser.

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