How to rename Windows 10 PC

How to rename Windows 10 PC

Hi,friend Welcome to Our Blog,In this tutorial let's See how to Change Name of PC.

Why to rename???

Usually,a PC doesn't need to be renamed unless You Wish.But When two PC's Have Same 

Name they Need to be renamed for Solving Connection Problems.

How to rename ???

When You Wish to rename Your PC then You Have Several Methods to do.Herewith i Share You two Easy Ways for Solving the Problem.

Method 1 : Through Settings.

Step 1 : Login to Your Windows 10 PC.

Step 2 : Open Settings.

[See: How to Open Settings]

Step 3 : Click on System.

Step 4 : It Will Open A new Window With display as First Option.Click on About Option 

Which Will be On left Pane.

Step 5 : Look for an option Rename Your PC Which Will be on Right Pane.

Step 6 : Type Your New Name and Click on Next.

Step 7 : When You Click on Next,It Will display New Window Stating Your PC Name Will 

be Changed Only After restart,Choose Option Restart Now or Restart Later.

Step 8 : Click On Restart now.

How to rename Windows 10 PC

"Warning: Your PC Will restart Immediately after You Clicked that Option,So Save Your 

Work Before Clicking this Option,As Unsaved Works Will be lost When You Click on restart 


Alternative Method :

Step 1 : Right Click on This PC.

Step 2 : Click on Properties.

Step 3 : Click On Change Settings.And Again Select Rename Your PC. 

Step 4 : Type Your name of the PC in Computer description.

Step 5 : Click on Apply.

How to rename Windows 10 PC

Step 6 : Click on OK.

Step 7 : Close the Window.

Step 8 : Click on Restart Now.

That's it...