Hide Removal drives in My Computer in Windows 10

Hi friend,Welcome to Our Blog,in this tutorial lets see how to hide drives from navigation 


Navigation Pane is the One Which Makes us easy to Use and navigate everywhere inside 

the PC.

So if You wish to hide the drives then Perform the following Changes inside registry.All You 

need to do is just follow the Upcoming Steps as it is in your Windows 10 PC.

Step 1 : Login to Your Windows 10 PC.

Step 2 : Press Windows + R Key.

Step 3 : Type regedit

Step 4 : Click\tap enter.

Step 5 : It Will Open Registry editor,on that Navigate to following.


Step 6 : Rename {F5FB2C77-0E2F-4A16-A381-3E560C68BC83} as {-F5FB2C77-0E2F-4A16-A381-3E560C68BC83} by just adding Hyphen behind it.

Hide Removal drives in My Computer in Windows 10

Step 9 : Close the Window.

Step 10 : Now again Open the explorer for note Changes,

If You Wish to restore this,then Simply rename  to  {-F5FB2C77-0E2F-4A16-A381-3E560C68BC83} as {F5FB2C77-0E2F-4A16-A381-3E560C68BC83}.

That's it...

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