Run cmd as administrator in windows 10

Command Prompt is an Option Where We Can Access,Edit and

alter Windows.But Some of the Privileges are Assigned Only to Administrator,So it is Necessary to

Run CMD as admin to Accomplish Some tasks.Here is an Article for Explaining different Methods

to Run CMD as Admin in Windows.Just Follow any Methods to run Cmd as Admin in Windows.

Method 1 : Using Taskmanager.

Step 1 : Login to Your Windows 10 PC.

Step 2 : Press Control + Alt + Delete keys Simultaneously.

Step 3 : Click on Task manager.

Step 4 : Click on File.

Step 5 : Hold Control Key and Select Run new task.

run cmd as administrator in windows 10

It Will Open Command Prompt.

Note : If You had Signed in As Standard User then it Will Open Only a Normal (Unelevated) 

Command Prompt.

To Change Your Account to Admin,[Check this ]

Method 2 : Using Start menu.

Step 1 : login to your Windows PC.

Step 2 : Press Windows + X Key.

Step 3 : Select Command Prompt (Admin).

Method 3 : Through Search.

Step 1 : Login to Your Windows PC.

Step 2 : Press Windows + q Key.

Step 3 : Type Command Prompt.

Step 4 : It Will Display Search Results right Click on Command Prompt and Select run as


Method 4 : From Start Menu.

Step 1 : Press Windows Key.

Step 2 : Click on All Apps.

Step 3 : Navigate and find Command Prompt.

Step 4 : Right Click on it and Select Run as Administrator.

Method 5 : Using My Computer(This PC)

Step 1 : Press Windows + E keys or Open This PC from desktop.

Step 2 : Click on any item and Select file tab Which Will be on top Navigation bar.

run cmd as administrator in windows 10

Step 3 : Click on Open Command Prompt-> Command Prompt (Administrator).

That's it...

These Are the Easiest Ways to launch CMD as Admin.

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