Upgrade to Windows 10 hangs at 32% [Solution]

Upgrade to Windows 10 hangs at 32% [Solution]

Hi,Friend Welcome to Our Blog.While Upgrading to Windows 10 Some of the Systems Will 

Freeze at 32% and Stops,and When You Again restart it Will Restart and Produce an Error 

Code 0xC1900101 - 0x30018. And Will get You back to Your Previous Windows Editions.

So Here is an Solution Which may solve your Problem.

  • Since,it Hangs at Installing drivers and Features,the Recommended Solution is just disconnect your internet,and proceed it. 

I Suggest this as installing drivers that are incompatible to your System Will result in Your 

device being freezing.

  • Unplug any recent hardware Which you installed/plugged.

  • Perform Clean installation of Windows 10.

  • When You get a screen "Get Important Updates" Click on "Not Right Now",and Proceed installation.

  • Check Your Hardware Manufacturer Website for Whether Your Device Supports Windows 10 or Not. 

  • Download a new Copy of Windows 10 Using Windows Media Creation tool,and try to Upgrade.

                                                  "Hope it Will be Helpful"