How to set Windows Spotlight image as wallpaper in Windows 10 [Tutorial]

How to set Windows Spotlight image as wallpaper in Windows 10 [Tutorial]

Most of us are very fond of Windows Spot light the image feature that will change our lock screen

background periodically.It contains some interesting amazing photography /designs Sometimes,we

wish to set those amazing images as our desktop background to provide a great look mainly we are

attracted to them.I too was on that list who wish to set those pics as desktop wallpaper,but i don't

know how to do that.I know one thing that those pics must be saved on any device to display so i

began to search for every part of my windows PC for sometime at last i finally identified the location

and full filled my wish to set that image as wallpaper.If you are the one who had wish like me then

here is an tutorial to show how to set that lock screen Windows Spotlight pics as your desktop


Just follow my steps...

[Video Tutorial]

1) Press Windows + E which will open your Quick Access/This PC

[See: How to replace quick Access with This PC in Windows 10]

2) On the tab which displays Quick Access / This PC,type the following

C:\Users\[your UserName]\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.Windows.ContentDeliveryManager_cw5n1h2txyewy\LocalState\Assets

in the your UserName field type your username..for example: C:\Users\logesh\Appdata..,etc...

3) Hit enter,


Navigate to 

C:\Users\your Userfolder\

Note: The AppData folder is hidden by default you need to un hide it first to see that folder if your

navigate to that field...

To unhide...

When you are on This PC/Quick Access ..

Click on the View icon Which will be on top bar next to File,Home,Share...

Expand it..

There you can find an option Hidden items "check the Box"and try visiting again..

4) When you are on the Assets folder you can find some items which was displayed as file with very large names

5) Single Click /double click on the file so that it displays Open With...dialog

[See : How to open any item by single Click]

6) Select Photos/Paint..

if you select paint then after it opened click on

File - >Save as -> BMP Picture -> Now, Save the file on your favorite location using any file name example : lw to save and use the pic for later use..


simply Select File -> Set Picture as Desktop background ->Select Fill/Center depending on your


7) Now open the saved file and open it will open in photos App

8 ) Click on the ... icon and Select Set As -> Set as background ..

That's it,visit your desktop you can see your desktop background changed! :0


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