How to delete Windows.Old folder after Windows 10 Anniversary update tutorial

When we update our PC to latest OS like Windows 10 latest build our PC we simply enjoy the new

features.But when you started exploring your PC you may find a folder Called Windows.Old.You

may even get surprised when you seen the size occupied by that folder.Yes.! when we found that

folder occupied a size of nearly 12 GB of that drive.When we opened that folder to see what it

contains we found it contains just some files that belongs to previous version of windows.Microsoft

Simply said that folder is just an usual folder where our's backup files are saved and they will use

those items if the user wish to revert their PC to previous build/edition of Windows.But the real

problem is it still exists occuping such amount of space even though the user had never planned to

revert his/her PC.I decided to delete that but i can't without using some things.So here with i'm

sharing the things i had done to delete that folder,hope it helps for you too..

Note : If you are in Windows 10 Anniversary Update build or Windows 10 Creators Update build, then you can delete it easily, follow the steps shown in this [link.]

Just follow my steps..

Try to clean up System files using disk cleanup which is an easiest way to do so...

[See : How to Clean System files]

Disk Clean up will delete those items in Most cases if it failed,then check this below way..

1) .Right Click on Windows.Old that folder .

2 ) Select Properties.

3) Click on Security tab.

4) Click on Advanced.

5) Near to Owner field there will be option called change,select that.

6) Under the Enter the object name to select field there will be an box,on that type Users.

7) Click OK.

8) Check all the boxes that start with "Replace"

 i.e., Check the Replace owner or sub containers and objects and Replace all child object..etc boxes.

9).Click OK.

10) It will prompt a Msg to ask whether you need full yes because we need that.

11).After selecting yes the Changing Ownership process will begin.

Wait for sometime till it completes...

12) A Windows Security box will appear to confirm whether we really need to change ownership

Select "yes" if any such boxes appear.

13) After Sometime the Advanced Security System setting will close automatically.After it closes

simply delete the folder like you delete others i.e.,Clicking on the folder and pressing delete

key/Shift + Del keys.

14) Select yes if it asks for confirmation.

That's it..You may see the folder deleting now.

Hope it is helpful.

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How to delete Windows.Old folder after Windows 10 Anniversary update tutorial
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