How to make taskbar Smaller in Windows 10 Anniversary Update 1607 edition [Tutorial]

Taskbar is one of the great thing used to switch b/w apps, navigate to our favorite areas,and much

more things..But the Problem faced by some of the users it's size.Yes ! Since some apps's icons

won't hide from taskbar, we may get distracted easily or it may look some

kind of weird thing that happen on our PC while we look sudden Whatever it may here is an

tutorial to make your taskbar and its icon to appear smaller.

Just follow my steps...

Works on all Windows 10 editions.

If you difficulty in following below steps,then check the video tutorial created for you...

1) Press Windows + I which will open you Settings app instantly.

2) Select Personalization.

3) When you clicked it will open a new window with background as first option on the left pane,on

that same left pane find Taskbar,which will be available as last option.

4) Click on that.

5) Now switch your view to right pane,look for an option "Use small taskbar buttons"

6) Click/drag on the right side of that option,so that it shows it is ON.

7) Close the window.

That's it...You can see your task bar buttons/icons appearing smaller from !

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