How to create and turn on hotspot easily in Windows 10 [Anniversary Update Tutorial]

Internet Connection is one of the most wanted thing in our day to day life,and it became one of our 

Part. We can connect our computer through WiFi and ethernet.And the thing is if we need to share 

our internet in older version of windows we need to type some commands like netsh wlan 

hostednetwork blah blah blah ! in command prompt or we need to install an application, but such a 

scenario  was replaced in windows 10.Yes,we can turn on and turn off hotspot in one click,if you are 

using the latest build of Windows 10/Anniversary Update..

So,here is an tutorial that will explain how to do that...

Just follow the following steps in your PC.

1) Press Windows + I which will open you Settings app instantly.

2) Select Network & Internet.

3) Click on Mobile Hotspot tab on the left pane

The mobile hotspot field will be available as 3rd from bottom).

4) When you clicked you can see  "Mobile Hotspot" and Other items on your right pane...

5) Click/Slide right side of the option that was available under "Share my internet connection with 

Other devices",so that it looks as ON.

That's it..

Now,type the password that was visible near "network Password" on your connecting device...

You can now share your internet..

Hope it is helpful.

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