How to prevent Sudden restarts for installing Windows update in Windows 10 Anniversary Update edition [Tutorial]

Windows 10 the OS where Automatic update won't be turned off by a novice without following

some steps can update whenever an Update was available.What people hates the Most is the thing it

restarts automatically when an update needs to be installed,Which made people dislike Windows

10.Microsoft noted this and included an option to let users decide when they wish to restart their

Windows 10 Anniversary update installed PC.

This option was called as Active hours and those wish to change the restart time can use this option

to change them.If you don't know how to do it,then continue reading ..Here is an tutorial to show

how to activate active hours to prevent unnecessary restarts on your windows 10 PC...

Just follow the upcoming steps...

If you difficulty in following below steps,check the above video tutorial created for you...

1) Press Windows + i Which will open settings.

2) Click on Update & security.

3) Select Change Active hours which will be under Update settings on the right pane.

4) When you clicked,it will pop up a new window,with 8.00 as start time and some end time.

5) Select your time,which you wish to set as active hours,

Left side column represents hours and right had side represents minutes..

6) Set your End time..

7) Click Save to save changes.

8) Now,click on Restart Options,the option which will be below to this change active hours option.

9) Set it on to over ride active hours.

That's it...

Hope it is helpful..

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