How to turn off Windows defender notifications after Windows 10 Anniversary Update [Tutorial]

Windows defender is the most trusted antivirus once (before commercial softwares like

bitdefender,kaspersky,etc got released),Most people were only depend on Windows defender which

is an inbuilt antivirus that comes with Windows 10.

Microsoft is working very hard to raise the antivirus's ranking to top,we can say they are working on

it as they are implementing advanced techniques in scanning for virus and its related threats.But that

frustrates users is the notification that appear when we are doing some really good stuffs,Some of us

got distracted  easily by this notification.So here is an tutorial to show the way of turning off

windows defender notifications after windows 10 anniversary update...

Just follow the below steps...

If you have difficulty in following below steps,check the above video created for you...

1.Press Windows key

2.Type windows defender settings 

3.Select the top most result

4.Scroll down and find Enhanced notifications 

5.Under enhanced notifications,there will be an option(that looks like button) with on its right side,

  Click on left side of the button or Slide it towards left side to turn it off.

That's it...

Hope it is helpful.

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