Windows 10 Anniversary Update available for people in India - Here is how you can download !

The Most awaited update for Windows 10,Windows 10 Anniversary update was released.Those

People all over the world who are waiting for them seems they are in full of joy,particularly in

India.Yes ! The Major update was available for download.

Here is how we can update ...

There are two ways,,,

One is through Windows Update and Another is through upgrade tool..

Let's see how it can be done,,,

Step 1 : Open settings.

[See : Different ways to open settings]

Step 2 : Click on Update & security.

Step 3 : It Will Open Windows Update,which will automatically download updates when they are

available.(Makesure your PC has internet connection at that time)

Also note,the update through Windows Update will take sometime to arrive(Since they need to update them to microsoft servers).. So try the method 2 if you need it immediately.

Method 2 :(Tested Working)

1)  Open your browser and go to google / bing ./Your fav search engine..

2 ) Type Windows10upgrade.exe.

3) Open/click the website that begins with Microsoft.For example,etc...

(Or) Simply visit this link.

4)Click Update now on the webpage that opens.

It Will download a tool for 5.5 Mb named Windows10Upgrade.exe

5)Double click/Single Click the downloaded file.

6)Select Yes if UAC Popped up.

It Will Check your build number and Will Show if there is update available for you or not.

If you wish to install the latest build it shows,then click update now and follow the OnScreen


Not surprisingly,it was Available on Microsoft Store...

That's it...

Hope it is helpful.

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