How to deny access to Contact for an App in Windows 10 [Anniversary Update tutorial]

Protecting Privacy is one of the most wanted thing in this growing online world. With Many 

companies already had jumped to access to Contacts for their purpose like to provide relevant 

information,Advertising and so on..But the thing is more number of sites got hacked and the 

information about people which was stored on their servers are made available to public.This leads 

to serious controversies like why they failed to protect from being leaked,etc. But we need to know 

the famous quote "what that's done was done" yes its useless in blaming others instead of blaming 

our self.,because its you to decide what can be allowed and what shouldn't be .!

Anyway here is an tutorial that is based on protecting your contacts from apps.i.e.,How to turn off 

access to contacts in Windows 10.

Just follow my steps..

[Video Tutorial]

1) Login to your PC.

2) Press Windows + I which will open you Settings app instantly.

3) Select Privacy.

4) Click on Contacts tab on the left pane

5) When you clicked you can see the apps that currently have access to your Contacts on right pane.

6) Click on the button (near to the name of app) and slide it towards left side so that it shows OFF.

7) To deny access to all apps at once simply Click/Slide left side of the button that was on  top.

i.e.,Between the Let Apps access to my contacts and Above the privacy statement there will be an

option that shows ON simply slide/click left side to set it to off.

That's it..

Hope it is helpful.