Yes ! You can find the amount of data used without data monitoring apps on Windows 10 [Tip]

How to find the amount of data consumed by the application in Windows 10 or how to find out which app consumes most of your data in Windows 10 ? that's what we're going to see in this post.

Data is the most essential one that we need to worry about, especially when we are on limited data plan. [See : How to restrict background data usage on windows 10] So, users who wish to monitor their data usage will easily go for an data monitoring application basically, but such tasks are no longer needed as there are dedicated options available on Windows 10 to monitor your data usage..

Yes! Windows 10 has a setting where we can find out the app that consumed our Data..

We recommend you to update your Windows 10 to latest Windows 10 edition to experience some great features in your system.

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What you need to do to find it ??

Just follow the below steps in your Windows 10 PC.

Works on all Windows 10 editions.

1) Press Windows + I which will open you Settings app instantly.

2) Select Network & Internet.

3) Click on data Usage tab on the left pane

The data usage field will be available as 2nd one from bottom).

4) When you clicked you can see the "Overview" and your estimated data usage..

Click Usage details to view complete list...

5) It will open a new window,where you can find your data usage details...

That's it...

Comment if you have any doubts.

Hope it is helpful.