Betabot malware backs again ! with an extra force..

We all know that, Cybercrimes are constantly emerging but here is one addition to that which takes cyber crime to another level. which is nothing but the return of

What is Betabot??

Betabot is a trojan that has been in the cyberspace for many years in various forms.
i said various forms this is because it has the capabilty to work as banking trojan,a password stealing malware and more other fields.

what it will do??

This trojan when arrives  will not only start infecting our computers but also will attempt to prevent users like us from accessing security related websites.

It is also evidenced that it disables our computers antivirus,Malware scanners and all related softwares that provides security.

So the next question that will arise on your mind is how it can be possible when you have antivirus, right???

Here is some thing that was evidenced. This bot will create a fake windows message box
with our familiar user account control as heading and will prompt users to allow the windows command processor Which when allowed by you by clicking yes, it will begin its work on making administrative changes. After that  it will start its work on stealing login credentials and data related to our finance.
[Image used for representation purpose only]

it is reported that it will work with various strategies to make approved by users other than the one listed above..

So what's new with this???

The new thing that unearthened as per the research done by Invincea security researcher Pat belcher is, in addition to password stealing capabilities,this
malware also install Cerber ransomware as a second-stage attack in the machine.

As this malware cames as an updated edition, it will start serving ransomware in an effort to make more cash than nearly $200 that passwords may fetch.

So why it is difficult to identify??

Since this malware disables security,virus/malware detection apps at first, it weaks the system,but the real thing is this malware is believed to be even aware of
virtual-machines and are capable of using sandbox techniques to evade detection, which makes it to difficult to identify.

So how they spotted..???

According to Belcher who identified this, this betabot was spotted on document attachments which are delivered to victims inbox in the name of resumes and other names that may make the user to click. So when you click on those items it will starts its work as said earlier..

OK how to protect yourself and avoid this..??

Since it will disable our security system when runned we can't do anything except one thing , which is nothing but the one all usually says never click unknown
links, and never ever open any software without performing a virus scan. also keep an eye on your user account control what it says before clicking yes...

So,it is clear that the security of our system lies in our hands.! So its up to you to decide what you do.!