How to set your network as Metered Connection on Windows 10 Anniversary Update 1607 build [Tutorial]

Metered connection in Windows 10 - How to set as metered..

Windows 10 the best user friendly OS has no option to disable Automatic Windows updates.As a

result your PC Will download and install Windows updates whenever the update is

available/released.This may be good for those who with unlimited bandwidth,but its' the worst

scenario when your internet was limited.So here is an tutorial which may help you if you falls on the

second category.

When you follow this below steps your internet connection will not be used by unwanted apps and

services,Though Windows 10 limits such things from happening,your PC will still download updates

but only of important security related items ...

Ok,here are the steps..

Check the above video ,if you have difficulty in following below steps...

1) Press Windows + I which will open settings.

2) Select Network & Internet.

3) Click on WiFi tab on the left pane.

4) Select Manage known networks option(Which will be on right Pane).

5) It will open a new window,on that click on the Network you wish to set it as metered.

6) When you clicked,it will Show Properties and forget, Select Properties.

7)  Slide/Click on Right Side of the Option that available under Metered Connections,show that it shows ON.

That's it...

Now you have successfully set your Network Connection as Metered...!