iPhone 7 - Here is one more addition to iPhone 7 as Home button got changed ! [Updated]

iPhone 7 the Most awaited phone has lot of expectations in and around the world .It is reported that

the new model have several new features that are aimed to satisfy the customers who're travelling in

the modern era..

So here is a list of features that are currently expected to be in iPhone 7..

#1 New home button

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According to the latest reports,the Iphone 7 will have a new updated home button..

Yes,the Current home buttons are switches that physically press into the phone, but the new models

will have a pressure-sensitive button that provides feedback to the user via a vibrating haptic

sensation rather than a true physical click...

#2 Latest iOS 10

Unsurprisingly,the new iphone 7 will sport a new look with the latest version of iOS 10.

It it is expected to have certain new applications for controlling smart home appliances, and we are 

eagerly waiting for redesigned Apple Music.

#3.Dual camera System...

The new iphone 7 is expected to have sensor whichs will capture color diffrently and will 

take picture simultaneously  that are then merged into single photo,so that the resultant photo will 

look like a perfect photo with improved brightness even in low light conditions.

But the sad part here is only the larger version of this phone will support dual camera system.

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#4.Removal of 3.5mm headphone jack...

Here comes the most interesting part,it is reported that,the upcoming iphone 7 won't have the 

headphone slot and they are dropped.

It rely instead on Lightning headphones or wireless ones Bluetooth headphones.Since Apple was 

developing truly wireless earbuds we are expecting the new iphone 7 will have an support for these 


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This are the latest buzz around the iPhone 7 and i hope i had tried my best to show you that things !!!

Did i miss any thing that's interesting?? 

Point it out in Commentz pls!!

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