How to remove badge notifications from task bar [ Windows 10 Anniversary Update tutorial ]

Windows 10 anniversary update had some great features,but most of the things are changed which

provide really some experience to users.But one of the thing that irritates some users is the badge

buttons on the task bar.It keeps on increasing when new notifications start to appear.So here is an

tutorial to show how to turn off/remove them.

Just follow my steps.

1) When on your desktop/any screen ,press Windows + i Keys ,which will open settings app.

[See : Different ways of opening settings] 

2) Click on Personalization,which will be available next to network & internet.

3) When Clicked it will open a new window with option to change wallpaper i.e background.

4) Click/select Taskbar  which will be on the left pane.

5) On the right pane,look for an option "Show batch buttons"

6) Click/slide towards left side so that it look as OFF.

That's it..