[Fix] Mouse Works too slow after installing Windows 10 anniversary Update

Today,after installing Windows 10 anniversary update,i got an problem with

mouse sensitivity...Initially i thought it was some driver problem because my mouse seemed working

perfectly before updating,So i updated my driver which went in vain.Later i

changed one thing in control panel which made my mouse work like the one that worked before

updating ...If you had

faced with such kind of issue,then follow this tutorial i had shown how i fixed problem myself..

Just follow the below steps..

[Video tutorial]

First update your Mouse/touch pad driver,Windows 10 will automatically install such drivers,but if

you think it hadn't installed such drivers,

Then follow the steps in the below video tutorial to install drivers...

If you don't wish to install drivers,you still can make your mouse to work fast by following the

below steps,but that won't yield better results when compared to the one after updating/installing

drivers,So its up to you to decide what is best for you to do...

1) Open Control Panel.

If you don't know how try this Press Windows Key -> Type Control -> Select Control Panel from the top list.

2) On the right hand side there will be search box -> Click on it,,

3) Type mouse.

4) Select Change the mouse pointer display or speed under mouse.

5) It will open a new window Under Motion field(Select a pointer speed) there will be a series of dotted lines drag them to right side to set its speed as per your work (I kept full XD!)..

6) Click on Apply - > Ok.

That's it...

Now you can see your mouse works faster.

Hope it is helpful.

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