How to turn on System protection/restore after Windows 10 Anniversary Update [Tutorial]

How to turn on System protection/restore after Windows 10 Anniversary Update [Tutorial]

System restore plays an vital role in our PC's. If you don't know what it means then let me 

explain in quick words. It is nothing but an option that will help when our PC was in difficult 

state. We can use this option when our PC was infected With Virus,Malware Or Other 

harmful Suspicious things.You can also try this if your PC hadn't worked as it was 

before...The reason for that may be anything depending upon your work like for example 

if your PC went into trouble after installing some kind of Apps or after downloading Some 

stuffs like Music and video's,then you can get back your System to 

normal using this System Restore option. 

Though earlier Windows editions have System Restore Option enabled by 

default, in some editions of Windows 10 system Restore is disabled,we don't why system 

restore was turned off by default..we guess Microsoft simply leaved this thing to 

users if they wish they can turn it on or something like that..Whatever it may its you going to 

suffer if you hadn't turned on System restore as leaving it off will Result in a 

Situation where you can't recover your PC Without proper Recovery Disk(installation media)..

So Here is An tutorial For Turning On System Protection/restore Option.

Just Follow the below Steps in Your PC.

[Video tutorial]

Step 1 : Login to Your PC.

Step 2 : Right Click On This PC(My Computer) desktop Icon. 

Step 3 : Click On Properties.

Step 4 : It Will Open Your PC Configuration On right Pane.

Step 5 : Look For System Protection.

"System Protection Will be Available As An third Option On the Left Pane"

Step 6 : Click On it.

Step 7 : It Will open A New Window With list of Drives in Your PC.

Step 8 : Look For an drive Where You Installed Windows 10. 

"For Example let it be :C"

Step 9 : If Your PC belongs to One of the Editions that i listed earlier, then You Will See 

Protection Field OFF"

If the Protection is Enabled(On), then You Won't Need to Change Anything,Just Close the 

Window And Check Our Next Article.

If You find that Protection is OFF ,then follow the below..

Step 10 : Click On that Drive Where Windows 10  is Installed And Select Configure.

Step 11 : Click On Turn System Protection On Field And Select the Space you wish to give 

windows for system restore points....

Turn on System Restore in Windows 10
Turn On Sytem Restore in Windows 10

Step 12 : Click On Apply and then OK to Save Changes,

After finishing Close the Window.

That's All You Have Enabled System Protection/Restore on Your Windows 10 PC.

Note :This Procedure is Similar to All Previous Editions of Windows like Windows 

8.1,Windows 8,etc...So IF You Need to Check Whether Your PC has System Restore 

Enabled or Not, You too can follow the above Steps...

That's it...

Hope it is helpful.