How to enable and disable Dark theme after Windows 10 anniversary update [Tutorial]

Probably,the most expected theme that went viral at the time of first release of Windows 10 was the

dark theme.The dark theme which we can got using registry editor was made available as an option

in this anniversary update..So if you are not aware of this,or if you wish to set dark theme as your

default theme for apps,then here is your guide ..

Just follow the upcoming steps..

1) When on your desktop/any screen ,press Windows + i Keys ,which will open settings app.

[See : Different ways of opening settings] 

2) Click on Personalization,which will be available next to network & internet.

3) When Clicked it will open a new window with option to change wallpaper i.e background.

4) Click/select Colors  which will be on the left pane.

5) Now,  on your right pane.Scroll down and find an option choose your app mode,

6) Select Dark to enable dark theme.

If you wish to disable,then click on Light.

You can see your result instantly...!

That's it..

Hope it is helpful.

Comment if you have any doubts...

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