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How to remotely shutdown any PC if you are using Windows 10,8.1,8,7 and XP [Guide]

Shutting down our PC is the most common task done by most of us.We just shutdown when we no

more wants to work.Well,but the thing is more number of people are increasingly asking me how to 

shutdown other's PC.And when i asked why??,Most number of people simply said its just to make 

some fun and some others' reason's were little bit different like they need to show  their computer 

skills..Anyway whatever may be the reason here is how to do it...

Things you must remember before doing this...

You need IP Address of the machine you are going to shutting down,so 

A Simple trick that may be helpful in finding that..

First find your ip address and replace the last two/one digits as only last digits will differ in most


For example : if your ip address  was then replace 3 with some digits like 4 or 5(if you need to shutdown your near by system) or 45 depending on the system's distance.

You and the target system must be connected to same network ( like lan).

Never forget this " you must use this only if you are authorized to do,as using this will make you to quit your job if you are working on IT fields (which depends on your companies rules)

OK,let's see how to do this...

Just follow my steps..

1) Press Windows + R Keys..

2) type " Shutdown -i"

3) Hit OK/ Enter Key.

4) The remote shutdown dialog box will appear...on that do as follows.

5) Click on the Add button.

6) Type the computers Ip Address there.

7) Click OK.

8) Now,select what you want to do on that computer..for example : Restart/shutdown/Annote remote 

Click on the image to view full Size..

9) Check/Uncheck the box " Warn users of the action...."

If you check they can close the warning.

if you unchecked the box then no warning box will be displayed.

10) Select anything like hardware maintanence,security,etc (the thing you wish) on shutdown event tracker.

11) If you want to display your specific message like 'bye' then select Others (planned) and comment that message on the comment box,

12) After you finished everything click OK.

Now you can see that system Restarting/shutting down...



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