How to add and install extensions to Microsoft Edge [Step by Step tutorial]

How to add and install extensions to Microsoft Edge [Step by Step tutorial]

Microsoft edge the best browser that came from Microsoft has some features served through

Windows 10 Anniversary Update,One of the best feature that lacked in that was extension

support.We are happy to say that,Microsoft rectified the drawback with this update.So we can use

extensions in edge from now on ...Here is an tutorial to show how to install them.

Just follow the below steps...

If you have any difficulty in following below steps,just follow the above video tutorial..

1) Open edge.

2) Type extensions edge on the search bar- > Press enter, Select the top most result that starts with

(or) Simply visit this link...

3)Click Get extensions field...

4) Select the extension you want to install by clicking install.

5) It Will open that extension in Store,(Sign-in to your Microsoft account if you hadn't done it already)

6) Click Free ..

7) Wait for sometime,..Click on ... icon and select Start download if it stays with pending for long...

8) Wait till it downloads,it will display Launch now button to notify that it was successfully installed.

Now,go to edge again...

A new window will appear on right side of your browser stating that,a new extension was added and

you will be prompted to choose an option to turn on (or) off..Select Turn ON.

That's it...

Hope it is helpful.

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