How to check and install Android Nougat (android n) update on Nexus devices [Updated]

Android Nougat alias Android n was released for nexus devices today.It is available as OTA(over the

air update).

Only selected devices supports this update now...

The devices are...

Nexus 6P

Nexus 6,

Nexus 5X,

Nexus 9,

Nexus player,

Android One

And Pixel C.

How to update ??

Updating your Android to latest version is easy...Since the above devices support OTA your update

will be served automatically if your device was connected to internet.

However,you can manually check for update by ....

Go to Settings - > About Phone - > System updates there you can find your update..

Please note: It takes sometime to serve ota update for every devices,so be patient till your device

receive this update.

The devices that enrolled for android n preview are the first one to receive updates.If you hadn't

enrolled then don't worry just follow the below steps...

1) Go to this official site.[Link]

2) Sign in to your gmail account and Signup for the Android Beta Program (using the same account
you are using in your device.)

3) Scroll and find Your eligible devices field.

4) Find the device you want to enrol and Click/tap Enrol device.

5) Now,follow the onscreen instructions,your device will start receiving Update as soon as you complete the above process..

That's it.



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